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Refinancing and

Debt Consolidation


We strongly suggest reviewing your home loan every 2 to 3 years.  It is a great time to review your finances and make sure you are getting the most out of your mortgage.  There is a good chance that your circumstances or priorities have changed and it's also likely that the market has changed.  There may be products available that better suit your current situation.  Interest rates are also at a historical low so it might be the perfect time to access a lower interest rate and save money.  You can also access equity in your property to finance a renovation or purchase an investment property. 

Debt Consolidation

If you are feeling the pressure of consumer debt - credit cards, personal loans or car loan, a debt consolidation loan may be the perfect option for you.  You may be able to consolidate these debts into your home loan.  This will free up your cash and allow you to repay those debts at a much lower interest rate and reduce your overall monthly repayments.  You will get back on top of your finances once and for all. 


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